party food on a (sad little) budget

party food on a sad little budget

So, while I am employed now, I still haven’t received a paycheck… so why I decided to host a house-warming party so soon, I’m not sure! Regardless, I did and it was really fun! I asked people to bring some snack-y foods and we ended up with bucket loads of hummous. Now is probably a good time to mention that I love hummous. No one was disappointed. It was great!

I decided to be grown up and serve some veggies and dip at the party, but I forgot to include the dip in this photo but it wasn’t anything fancy, so we will just move right along. I made some coke pop things, and I threw together a cheesy/ tomato-y/ puff pastry thing at the last minute!

The cake pop things were an absolute pain in the rear-region and I really don’t think I would attempt them again until I get myself a food processor. I employed the Lorraine Pascale  school of cake pop – basically zizz up two packets of Oreos and some Nutella, but I only have a blender and I don’t think I put enough Nutella in (I only put in what I had left in the jar.) What I ended up with was slightly grainy (albeit DELICIOUS) cake pops that caused me to swear a lot. The sticks wouldn’t stay stuck in due to a lack of Nutella, even with dipping the toothpicks in melted chocolate to act as glue. Anyways, the pops kept dropping in the melted chocolate when I tried to dip them, so I scrapped that idea for the rest of them and I rolled them in white sugar with a bit of salt mixed in. Those ended up being WAY more delicious than the ones dipped in chocolate! (Life lessons here, people.)

Now, the spirally things you see – I just rolled out some puff pastry, plopped and spread some garlicy tomato paste on top then threw some grated cheese on top of that. I then rolled the pastry up and cut it into little spirals as you see there. I threw those on a baking tray and into to oven as per the instructions on the package of puff pastry. It really was that simple. They went really quickly and I wished I had more puff pastry in my freezer ’cause I definitely would’ve made more for everyone!


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