about me


I’m a small town gal from rural Ontario, Canada. I lived there until I graduated from University where I studied Art History. During my time at university, I went on a semester abroad to London, England and it changed my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I wanted to be in the UK when I did. With some trepidation and loads of excitement, I moved to Edinburgh Scotland in the fall of 2009 and ever since I’ve been here in the UK (on various visas) (in various cities) living life and scraping by on a very modest budget. I met the love of my life in January 2010, and we’ve been ridiculously happily together ever since. This has proven to me that without a doubt I made the right choice to move thousands of kilometers away from my loving family (who are my best friends in the whole world) and my hilarious friends (who are a lot like family to me.)

The values that I keep with me and put to practice everyday of my life have been taught to me by those who surrounded me growing up; be grateful for what you have, use your resources wisely, nourish your creativity, and above all – love with all your heart. I owe these lessons to my two wonderful parents, Bill and Dianne, and to my four amazing siblings Jacqueline, Paul, Matisz, and Emily (and one brother in law Chris who I’ve known since I was nine.)

They made the basis of who I am, and I miss them everyday.

I frequent pinterest, twitter, tumblr, and I used to be quite active on flickr.


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